Friday, September 29, 2006

Color I

Today I decided to explore the boundaries of green. Tube green is harsh and unnatural. I find it very jarring, but when mixed with its complement (red) it is subdued a bit and produces excellent natural colors that you can find in nature. The colors mixed here are (Greens: Phth. Green W&N/ Perm. Green Maimeri Bleu / Cadmium Green Maimeri Bleu) all mixed with Englsih Red Maimeri Bleu.

I also tried using Ivory black (a no-no in watercolors among the purists) but here, mixed with Perm. Alz. Crim. It gives a delicate black to gray and a subdued shadowy purple. Black is much maligned, but if you use it WITH color, it is rich and a much more natural color than Paynes Gray or neutral tint.

Next I will mix Black with the browns to see the effect. Stay tuned!

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  1. Well, this is a wonderous chart! Can I borrow this image? Just to study.


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