Monday, December 04, 2006

Oranges using Signature Watercolor Pencils

Watercolor pencils are not a medium that has caught on too much among serious artists. Perhaps that is because most of the pencils out there are not artist quality. The pigments are not clearly indicated and their lightfastness is questionable at the very least.

Derwent has a line of pencils that are lightfast and artist quality. They are called Signature. They come in Watercolor and regular pencils. I used those to make this little painting of oranges in a plate.

If you enjoy quality pencils or are an artist wanting to try out good quality watercolor pencils, I urge you to hurry and get some of these Signature pencils. Why hurry? No I am not doing a hard sell for Derwent. The fact is if you live in North America, you will notice that every art store has them on clearance or sale. Why? Because the distributor in North America has decided to discontinue providing them to us.

So get them while you can. I will be writing a full feature about the Derwent watercolor pencil line soon with a focus on these Signature watercolor pencils. Maybe if we all lobby hard, the distributors will relent.

For those of you living abroad and are thinking: "Oh well, North America is not us." Think again. If North America discontinues the line, there is very little chance that the line will thrive elsewhere and still be profitable for the company.

Stay tuned for the article coming soon.


  1. floyd Gibson9:42 pm

    Hi Zan --

    I've been using Lycra watercolour crayons for a long time, mostly sketching or when I want to draw the material for a painting. However, I've used them to actually paint too. Sometimes I've drawn on wet paper or dipped the crayon in the water to draw.

    I have a set of Staedler wc pencils too - which are great for drawing out a painting, but I prefer the crayon for anything else.

  2. Hi Floyd,

    Thanks for your comments. I am not familiar with the The Lycra crayons, but I do have the crane d'arche crayons and they are a treat to use.

  3. Anonymous8:38 am


    These oranges look very luscious sitting on the yellow towel. I like the richness of colors one can achieve with these pencils, but lack the hand strength (and patience) to force myself to stick with the process long enough to achieve that. I see that richness in your oranges. Nice painting!

  4. The color on those oranges is delicious, Zan. Nice work!


  5. Karin5:52 pm

    Living in Geneva, the home of Caran d'Ache, that's what I use when I want to use watercolour pencils. Love my box, has 80 pencils in it and I do a lot of children book illustrations and some comic strip colouring with them.

  6. Anonymous3:04 pm

    I love your oranges! Also your chocolate and tea, with the lemon slice. Such perfect work! No. 2 is the best, with the highlights. I loved the first one too, but this really brings it to life.

    Mary Lewis from Aquanet!


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