Friday, January 12, 2007

Notes from my 2006 sketchbooks

I am getting ready to put away my 2006 sketchbooks and thought I'd take some of the ideas that I jotted down in them and put them here over a few posts. These are quick notes. If you have faced the same problems you will know what I mean by them. If you don't, post a question and I will answer you in more details.
  • To blot a perfect straight line, cover a ruler with tissue paper and blot out color while it is still partially wet.

  • In water remember that you have both shadows and reflections

  • Use a dipping pen for details. Fill the nib with watercolor by feeding it from a brush.

  • Paint at an angle, but also be ready to tilt the painting to drive color. Never fix your board to an easel or table and lose the ability to drive color by tilting.

  • Start by painting the shadows when working outdoors. They are fleeting.

  • For best shadows work or take stock photos in early morning or late afternoon

  • Yellow traps pencil marks. You can't erase what is under yellow.

  • Work with two brushes; one for color and one for clear water and lifting.

  • When making swatches or color studies work with two brushes. Fill each with a color and feed one from the other for off page mixing.

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