Friday, January 26, 2007

Traverse Sketch/Study

Still studying Winslow Homer, and inspired by his work, I have created this sketch/study. This is not a copy of any of his work. It is an original and I intend to make a full sheet painting of it as soon as I am satisfied with the color, depth and composition...which I am not so far.

I need to do a grading on the mountain trees. My initial problem is that I wanted the light to go from cold in the valley to warm on the top, but without letting the warmth of the top bring it forward. With grading the color, I think I can counteract that...or can I?

The foreground water should be much darker. On sketch paper, that was not possible, but I can do that on better paper.

Composition? I have to sleep on that a bit. Pin it on the wall and look at it some more. I am not sure if the red canoe is right or if it's placement is correct. I know I want a human element in this vast wilderness. I want it to be tiny to dramatically show the scale of the scene.

Green? 'nough said!
All thoughts and suggestions are welcome!


  1. Hi Zan

    The only critique I have of this is that maybe the reflections need to be darker especially where the wate and the ground meet.

  2. I like this very much, Zan. It looks very "Homerish" and yet is your own. Well done!



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