Thursday, February 01, 2007

After Winslow #3

Homer's rendition of the rapids in a few of his paintings is so powerful and full of vigor that you can almost hear the water roaring down the river. His use of earth colours with very little or no blues at all to depict the water is counter intuitive, but to a large extent correct of the waters in the Saguenay / Lac-St-Jean dark waters. Here is a good example of the colours. As you can see the earth colours are all around.

I did this pastiche sketch after Homer's "Canoes On Rapids, Saguenay". It is not meant to be anything more than a study of the water. I feel I am getting there. Now I have to make it my own and absorb what I have learned.


  1. I'm speechless, Zan! This is fantastic!!!! I can almost feel that water spashing and churning. You HAVE to do this on a full sheet.


  2. LOL Thank you Michelle. I think I got what I wanted from this study. Remember this is not my painting. It is a copy of Homer's and I did it so I could see his work better and learn what he was doing.


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