Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dock Sketch

So far this week has been bitter cold. No chance of doing any outdoor sketching without being taken to the coo-coo house.

I was watching a DVD and stopped it on this scene to do a quick sketch. It didn't turn out too bad. Next I am renting Mediterraneo or To Catch A Thief. Maybe I can will this weather to moderate!

Anyway, this one was done with my fountain pen and wet finger. I love this brown ink. I created it by mixing a yellow and a black Skrip bottles together. I am running low on the ink. Wonder what I will do when it i finished? Does anyone know of a similar colour ink out there? It will have to be safe for fountain pens.

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  1. Good idea, sketching from a movie on tv, Zan.

    I think you can find sepia colored ink that will work in a fountain pen.



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