Saturday, February 03, 2007

Norval on the Credit

Every artist who likes to paint in Plein Air, looks for a place they can visit repeatedly to explore and paint. Ideally, it would be within a short distance from their home and would have enough variety to keep them coming. Today, I think I found my place. It is a small village, 15 minutes north from my home on Winston Churchill Blvd. The place is called Norval, or Norval on the Credit . I was using Google Earth to look for a suitable place to go exploring in the area, when I stumbled over a valley with a river and small town. I thought for sure this would be worth visiting. So off I went this morning, back-pack in hand and ready to hunt for a good scene to paint. Little did I know that this village is heavy with Art history!!! Alfred Joseph Casson, one of Canada's Group of Seven painters, painted Norval in 1928.

Casson "Norval" and "Early Summer Norval, 1928"

The village was also home to Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of Anne of Green Gables, and the painter J.W.L. Forster.

The day did not present ideal Plein Air weather to say the least. -23 Centigrade is not exactly my idea of outdoor weather. I was going to have to find a place I could paint from the relative warmth of the car. I scouted around the village and took note of several spots that I will re-visit on a more inviting day. The village and surrounding hills are full of places one could paint if one could venture out, but there was no question of doing that today. I finally found an excellent spot on Old Pine Crest Rd. The secluded street over-looked this farm on a hill that was just begging to be painted. So I obliged. Here is the small 5"x7" painting.

Norval, View from Old Pine Crest Rd, Jan 2007

PS: Here is another website about Norval


  1. Oh, that's pretty, Zan. I'll bet it would make a great painting in a larger size if you think your little sketch has enough information. Me - I'm too cold to go outside to get the mail.


  2. I'm going to have to revist the spot again. I didn't have my large block with me this time. I will next weekend I hope! Thanks for your comments Michelle.


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