Sunday, February 11, 2007

Norval plein air #2

I went back to Norval on Saturday. I wanted to first revisit the site of my first painting there to take a reference photo. I went straight to Louisa Street but to my big surprise, my scene was not there! Stunned for a moment and disoriented. I sat back, opened my coffee thermos and took a sip. The hot coffee burnet my mouth and in my shock I spilled it all over my T-Shirt! Great! Here I was in my car, ready for a couple of hours of painting and my first moment was a disaster! I used most of my paper towels to dry up my t-shirt and put a layer between my skin and the - by now - wet and COLD T-shirt.

The three spots that I have painted from so far in Norval

Once I recovered, I went back to my initial problem. Where was I? Where was my beautiful red barn? In my wondering around town last week, I had become completely disoriented. I did not take note of the street I was on. Only later, when I was back home did I try to retrace my sojourn from Google Earth. Needless to say, that did not work! I spent some time driving around town through every street until I rediscovered my beautiful red barn on Old Pine Crest Rd! I took a few photos of the red barn for future reference and turned to drive back into town when I saw a nice vista beckoning me to paint.

This is the second painting on Old Pine Crest Rd. The house/farm sits on the North East end of the road. The composition is not very successful, but it was a warm up. I find I need to do two or three quick paintings or sketches before I am warmed up and ready.

>>>> Norval House On Old Pine Crest Rd

When I finished this painting, I headed back into town. I found this scene driving down Adamson Rd. just across the bridge. I parked the car on the edge of the road between the trees and went to work.

I like this one better. It has more structure. I bet this scene would look wonderful in spring when the river is not frozen over and the trees are full of colour again. You can bet that I will be back when the buds start moving!

Despite my misadventures, I am finding that plein air work is a real thrill. I can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit so I can venture out of the car and into nature.

>>>> Norval Presbyterian Church from Adamson St.


  1. Are you kidding, Zan? I love your second painting - the composition is fine. I really have to admire you for going out and painting at this time of year. I'm too much of a wimp to paint outdoors unless the weather is ideal.


  2. Zan, I really like your Norval paintings - all three of them so far :)


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