Thursday, March 15, 2007

And now for some nostalgia

I don't know what happened today, but I am feeling very nostalgic to high school days. I have been meaning to scan these images for a long time. I only have single copies of the photos and I have no way of duplicating them if they are ever damaged so scanning should preserve them somewhat.

Back in 1975, a band was born in the middle of the civil war in Beirut, Lebanon at the International College High School. The name of the band was The Pink Panthers. Third one from the left is me! The lead guitarist in front of me was Ralph Shami, the pianist was Pierre Kerbage (far left) and the drummer behind me was Emile Bustani . The name the base guitarist (far right) escapes me. If you know him, please remind me of his name.

I played rhythm guitar and sang. We played popular songs from the 70's but mostly kept to the cool stuff (CCR, Doors, etc...)

By 1978, we were so popular, that the school was getting worried about the independence that we had. They hired an old hack to run the "music club" and tried to dilute the band with gathered talent from the rest of the school. Soon after that, the band broke up. Ralph and I kept playing together moving from electric rock to the more accoustic repertoire which included CSN, James Taylor, Jim Croce, Dylan and a few other favourites of the time.

Back then I was as cool as you can get in Beirut Lebanon. I'd like to think I am still a cool old dude! BTW, this was plain smokes. Although hashish was plentiful at the time, I never really enjoyed it. I always ended up sick when I smoked it so I avoided it like the plague.


  1. The first comment that comes to mind is, "FAR OUT, man!"

    I have no doubt believing that the PP's were cool as cool could be. Look at that crowd you were playing for. That's amazing, and even more so for a high school band.

    I just looked. IC has a website and an alumni section And a quick search found that Pierre is listed there.

  2. Fawzan- What a blast from the Past. I was your Keyboard Player (Pierre Kerbage). Miss the group. Livingin Austin Texas Now. or

  3. Thanks Debi. I can't believe what a treat it is to reconnect first with the BHS crowd and now with Pierre from the PP's and IC.

    Pierre it is a real thrill to hear from you. What a small world!!! I can't believe we did not meet when I was living in Texas. BTW, Debi also lives in Texas. So there! The world DOES revolve around the Lone Star State!

    I am looking through my photo boxes for more old stuff and I hope to post them soon. So far I have not found any from the BHS days, but if do run across them, I will also email them to BHS70's Debi so you can post them there.

    My love to you both!!

  4. What a beautiful turn of events to watch unfold.

    And now the PP's are getting back together (of sorts). That nostalgia paid off!

    Big :) here.


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