Friday, March 23, 2007

Meadowvale Park

It was a glorious spring day today. The sun was bright and the air was just warm enough to be outdoors. Rima, my wife, made the kids a bag of bread and nuts each to feed the birds and squirrels, I took my paints and off we all went to the nearby Meadowvale park.

The ice was paper thin on the lake, barely enough for the seagulls to stand on. Mom took the kids for a walk and bird feeding (Thank you Rima) and I was left with my paints for a while to do what damage I could to a clean white sheet of watercolour paper.

Knowing that I would be using my new found technique of watercolour in a pen drawing over my watercolour painting, I did not fuss too much with this one in Plein air. I did what I needed to, and just in time for the kids to come back and want to join me in the "colouring" fun. NOT!

Back at home, the kids were watching Fairy Topia or something, and I put my finishing touches on this one using my Ackerman pen with Sepia watercolours in it. Many have asked about the Ackerman pen, I will post a full review of the pen soon. Suffice it for now to say, it is a pleasure to use!

If you are thinking you have seen this one before, you have. I did this scene earlier on a very cold day here. Back then the ice was thick and covered with snow and the whole scene was somewhat different.

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