Thursday, March 22, 2007

Red Barn

Yes, this one is as busy as it looks. Actually I so enjoyed doing this painting that I am not sure if I won't be doing more and more busy paintings like this one. I know some of you may be wincing right about now, but I feel it is full of movement and activity, exactly like this soooo early spring thaw that is happening in Ontario today.

This is a combination of Watercolour and watercolour filled pen. I used my new and lovable Ackerman pen with Sepia watercolour in it. Yes I went crazy. Yes I enjoyed the heck out of it. Yes no one may like it. Sometimes you have to paint with no audience in mind; for the love of the process and for personal edification. Am I explaining too much? Do I sound defencive? Why are you looking at me like that? What what?


  1. Hi I can see you enjoy painting and there isn't anything wrong with this painting but if I were to paint it, I would make the light side about a 1/3 lighter than the dark side to emphasize and create a little more mood.

    The diagonal Horizon line behind the barn would probably be a little less severe. I would have introduced a little more color(can you believe it) with a bit of a value gradation to the reddish sepia barn. The trees are perfect!

    If you love it thats all that counts. I would love to see your part of the counrty sometime. I'm sure its truely a gift to live there in spring.

  2. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Hi Zan, I love it except for the horizon line behind the trees and barn.
    Mary Smith

  3. What a departure from your usual restrained style - LOOOOVE IT! Yes, it does have some minor flaws, and you did go crazy there with the pen - but crazy's good. In this case, very good! did I mention I love this new style?
    More, please!

  4. The colours were way off on the scan so I redid it and posted a new photo. Those energy saving bulbs are dreadful. They really shift colours on you.


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