Saturday, April 21, 2007

Another Plein-air on 9th and Derry

We had another gorgeous day today, and yes, I was out early in the morning to do some work en plein-air. I went back to the farm house on 9th and Derry Rd. I wanted to capture it from another angle. The morning air was warm and comfortable so I decided that I was going to take my time on this one.

I did a rough sketch and then once I had the composition right, I settled down to do the painting. 1 1/2 hrs later, it was time for breakfast and I was satisfied with what I had done on location. The rest of the details could be done at home. I took some reference pictures, packed up and headed back home. But the day was just beginning.

Farm House On 9th & Derry Revisited 10.0" x 7.0"-
Order Original (US$75.00) Order number 210407_O
Order Giclee

This day was too nice to be spent indoors, so we packed our lunch, paints and paper for everyone, and headed off to a nature reserve about 15 minutes from our home. Up here, nature has still not had its morning coffee so to speak. It is still drab and earthy with almost no greens yet. Still, we had lunch in the shade and settled down to paint in the sun (see Marazine for the family painting results). It was just perfect!

Back in the neighbourhood after the outing, we grabbed some milkshakes from a fast food place and settled in the back yard for some more fun under the blue sky. I took some time to finish the painting and then grabbed a grapefruit-vodka. Ah! Yes. Winter is finally gone and we are blessed with every season.


  1. This is lovely. It reflects the nice day you enjoyed

  2. I am so glad the Winter season is behind you. And you've picked the perfect way to celebrate: a plein-air outing, milkshakes, and a grapefruit vodka, ha.

    Another splendid capturing of the farmhouse.

  3. I enjoyed hearing of your family's foray into plein air painting, it sounds as though all had a wonderful time. I wish I had been painting when my boys were young, that would have been one more excuse for a family excursion, or I could have painted while we were all "out there" anyway!

    Your farmhouse painting is both precise and painterly, a difficult result to obtain. I like the low horizon and distant view of it. Nice job!


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