Wednesday, April 04, 2007


It always happens. The April snow storm that is. So why do we always believe that just because all the snow has melted and we had a few days of rain showers and mild temperature, things are going to be different? Or is it as Jon said:

At the window, the silence of
naked limbs, fingers extended
with no apparent direction
reminds anyone, simply:
Time serves hope, else
hope serves time.

I don't know. All I know is that the weather man has predicted a few days of snow showers coming up, and I for one think it's enough already! I mean really, the buds are swollen and the grass is starting to turn green, do we need another snow storm? Can we vote on that?


  1. For an outdoor artist such as yourself, the prediction of more snows must seem especially cruel. My sympathies go out to you. (And I won't tell you how lovely, warm, green, and blooming it's been down here, back in the Texas you left. No, I won't tell you anything about that.)

    I love "Out the Window" -- what beautiful contrast and stillness. It goes so perfectly with the poem by Jon, too.

  2. OK, OK, I know I brought this on myself, what with all that unabashed bragging I did in my comment above. Our forecast for the Easter weekend is now ice and freezing temperatures!

    Misery loves company, eh?

  3. Owwww, So sorry to hear that Debi! We have snow here too back to the depth of winter I am afraid, but it can't stay too long!

    Happy Easter!


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