Sunday, May 06, 2007

Plein-air Weekend Report

I am getting into the habit of going out on my Plein-air sojourns and coming back before everyone at home is up for breakfast. This way I get to catch the early morning light, face less traffic and onlookers and still get to spend the weekend with the family.

This weekend was so gorgeous, it was time for a double-header.

I went out on Saturday and did "Steeles and Heritage Rd." The morning mist was just lifting as I set my gear up. The actual scene was not very inspiring, but the spot that I found to sit in was a very good one and I had to compromise. The light was the key to this painting.

I hope I caught the sun as it struck the near trees and filled them with light. On the way back I found a great spot and took a mental note of it.

This morning I woke up very early and since I did not want to putter around and wake everyone, I decided to head out to the spot I had found on the way back on Saturday on Steeles and 9th line, and make it a productive morning. Again the scene was not very inspiring, but the spot I was painting from was easy to park at and had a nice clearing in which to set up my gear. You really have to compromise sometimes! This was the best I could do.

These are both quarter sheet paintings. I did most of the work en plein-air, but I did go back and tinker with them a bit at home.