Thursday, August 02, 2007

At the Wiltons

We spent a couple of days in Lake of Bays at the Wilton Cottage. What an experience that was. The lake-front Cottage (castle as the kids called it) is Idyllic in a wonderful area of Ontario.

In between the life guard and barbecuing duties, I was able to do some sketching. Once I knew what I wanted to paint, I did a small painting towards evening and another very early the next morning. The one I did in the evening was hard. The mosquitoes were out and it was distracting to paint and shew them away at the same time. The one in the morning was an experience I will cherish. I actually ended up setting my easel on a pathway between flowerbeds at about 6:00 am. The only creatures hard at work at the time were a swarm of bumble bees. We co-existed nicely and I actually enjoyed their deep buzz around me. It was wonderful and then to top it all, a humming bird decided to join us as well. I left the bees still hard at work and headed in for a cup of coffee. When I came back, the bees were done or they had finished with the flowers next to my easel. I was able to finish the painting and head back in time to meet everyone shuffling out of bed.

One thing about those idyllic places in Canada: Unless you find a cliff side or some other element to paint, the green hills and lakes do get hard to paint. It is hard to find a center of interest and focal point. but anyway, here are the two paintings for your enjoyment:

Lake of Bays from Wilton Cottage (1)

Lake of Bays from Wilton Cottage (2)

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  1. You made wish we were with you. Send me photos!!!


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