Monday, August 06, 2007

Lowville revisited

I told you we would be back to Lowville Park and so we did. Yesterday. This time I decided to forgo the grandiose attempts at painting a masterpiece and simply sketched a couple of views with the idea of making my painting at the over-crowded desk.

The kids ran after the toads and the tadpoles and I managed to absorb the scene. I wanted to just read the colours right. I had been struggling with aerial view for a while and I wanted to see the colours. I also wanted to compose not just report...and so I did.

Here is the first studio rendition of the creek at Lowville Park. Waddya think?

Lowville Creek


  1. Love it! I guess I was trying to be nice earlier, and also I was glad you were painting again - so I was less critical overall.

    but this one is really good, flowing and light-hearted. I like what you've seen and what you've done with it. Very, very lovely

  2. I DID like the earlier one, I wasn't being nice ..

    I like this piece too. Intersting point: "compose" and not "report." I would love to read how see these in conjunction with "representation". Writing this word, I noticed that it was re-presentation (interpretation?). Anyway, tell us more ...I am really curious.

    Hey!!! Still waiting for those photos you guys!!! X X X

  3. Love the play of light on the water, gives it real movement. I envy you that - clouds and water are two of the most inspirational things to look at, and from what I have seen, two of the more difficult things to portray with lightness and depth.

  4. This is very nice, Zan! I specifically like the atmospheric perspective you achieved with thos far background trees, the suggestion only of reeds and cattails in the foreground, but most of all the lively sparkles on the water. Very nicely done!



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