Sunday, September 23, 2007

Maritime Sketches (1)

I had a bit of time this afternoon to do a couple of small sketches from the reference photos I took last week. These are nothing more than studies. As you can see, I have some work to do in figuring out how to get that lovely gray in the maritime skies!


  1. Great Fawzan, I really like the one of the two buildings by the waterside . It's good to see you still have it in you!

  2. So fun that you had time to do a couple of watercolors. I love the lighthouse best, but both are nice. From the sunny beaches of Florida, to the cooler northern climes, eh?

  3. I like both these Fawzan, for what it's worth. The lighthouse one is light-hearted - I see what you are saying about the sky, but if we hadn't seen the photo we wouldn't have known. The painting just looks darker and stormier, as if the storm is overhead and everything has gone darker.
    It is the white and the very light grey-white in the sky over the sea and horizon that isn't there in the painting - so you haven't got the reflection and interplay of light between cloud and sea - if that was what you were trying to capture?
    On a related point, Fawzan, are you generally aiming for photographic-style accuracy, to capture certain lights and colours? or atmosphere? Your work always seems to communicate an atmosphere and it is always attractive and pleasing. As I say, had we not seen the photo we would have accepted your interpretation. You have captured the glowering effect of the sky and the prettiness and comfort of the lighthouse in a rough terrain.

  4. I agree with Frances, I like the work where you're letting yourself interpret the mood rather than be entirely faithful to the scene itself.

  5. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Just found this whole sketchbook link and am truly fascinated and looking for that special pen, etc. (I have the mini WN paint box). My question is how big are your paintings? Since your painting equipment is tiny are your paintings also small?


  6. Hi Sharon,

    These two sketches are 4x6. Check out my new post (Oct 7) for more details.


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