Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

It is Thanksgiving day here in Canada. A North American holiday like no other. Unlike all the regular holidays that have been commercialized over the years, thanksgiving remains a stubborn event focused on the family and on introspective meditation of what we have in our lives. A moment in the year to stop. Take a deep breath and give thanks for our the abundance that we live in.

Who we give thanks to is irrelevant. This is not a religious holiday. It is a spiritual one that we all own. It is a day of humanity taking stock of gifts we are given in our lives. Not packaged gifts. No colour wrapping and glitter here. Just a moment to say we are so lucky to be and have.

The seasonal holiday, as most good ones, comes from an ancient tradition of harvest celebration. It was a time in the past to celebrate the goods the earth had given and the crop of the year. It still is in many ways a moment to ponder the harvest of our year and the many treasures we gather in laughter and friendships and good fortune and love.

Happy thanksgiving to all!


  1. Thanks for your good wishes. Wishing you a year ahead that will give you and the family plenty to be thankful for next Thanksgiving.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Fawzan! We have no such holiday here in the Netherlands, which makes us sound like ungrateful people, doesn't it? I would love to eat some turkey with stuffing, or are you having something else all together? Something Lebanese maybe?


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