Saturday, October 06, 2007

Vancouver Again

I was in Vancouver again this week. The rain was constant and it was damp and cold. I tried to go out for a walk, but got so damp so quickly that I just had to give up and retreat.
Stanley Park and the Sulphur Pile

Back in my room I opened the curtains and decided to sketch the view of Stanley Park and the Lions Gate Bridge beyond. The trees are just starting to turn out there and the colours are a deep orange and burnt sienna mix. The flora out there is mostly conifer, but dotted with those lovely oaks and maples.

Lions Gate Bridge

On Wednesday I flew out to Calgary and the plane approached the city in a magnificent storm. The rain/snow was falling over the city but the sunset around the city was a deep golden hew on a rich blue and gray sky. I wish I had my camera with me. It was a symphony of colours and breath-taking shapes. Note to self: Never fly without your camera again.

On the way back home last night I did a small sketch of a picture from the in-flight magazine. All in all not a very exciting sketching week, but nevertheless, my brushes were thankful to get wet again!


  1. Maybe not exciting to you, Fawzan, but very exciting to me. I love these rainy colors. Beautiful work!

  2. We are thankful your brushes got wet again too. It's so nice to see new work from you. It's always exciting. You are a master at watercolors!

  3. Fawzan, these are way beyond what you have been doing recently. Masterly is the word. No sketches these.
    Lovely and so well-executed, great composition and really finished look. Wow - keep at it. You are on an up with this again, and it is showing. Your work always has a lovely flow and fresh touch, but these are really outstanding.

  4. Thank you kind ladies for your comments. I am still struggling with the skies and foggy mountains. I would like them to come out a bit less muddy. But that is what sketches are for: Working out problems.


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