Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kelwona, Mission Hill Sketches

Kelowna, West Bank from the Mission Hill Winery
Pencil and water on Paper 4"x6"
I spent a couple of days on business in Kelowna, BC. The area is as beautiful as BC gets! While I didn't have any time to do any painting, I managed to sketch a few pen and pencil works worth sharing.

Kelowna, Mission Hill Winery Ink and water on Paper 4"x6"

Incidentally, if you follow my sketches, you know I like to wet my ink and usually use water-soluble graphite pencils as well. I didn't have my water-soluble graphites with me. All I had was a golf pencil (the tiny ones used to track scores on the golf course). Guess what? I just discovered that these are the cheapest water-soluble pencils around!!! So much for the expensive Derwents!! I know where to get my next stash!!

Kelowna, Looking North Ink and water on Paper 4"x6"


  1. Beautiful renderings. I've been to this area of BC and it's quite lovely, you really captured the essence.

    I wonder if the miniature golf pencils are just as good.:)

  2. LOL. The sketches would have to be tiny!

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  4. beautiful landscape drawings!

  5. now we want some action. Time for more painting, or photography. Cmon - LOL


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