Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Edge Of Urban

I don't know what to make of this knife painting. I like it. I really enjoyed doing it, but no one around me seems to agree. So I guess I will leave it to you all to tell me what you think. I have put this one on eBay as well. Perhaps because I struggled with it so much I care so much about it? Perhaps it is the theme?

On my way to work each morning, on Hwy401 between Mississauga Rd and Mavis, there is a stretch of farm land on both sides of a bridge that stand there defying the urban spread. At the edge of this farm, the houses from the most recent development stand atop a small cliff eyeing the farm with malice. This is the first of a series that I intend to do of that farm and the urban siege that is around it. For what it is worth, here it is. Enjoy!

Edge of Urban, Acrylic on Canvas Board 5"x7"



  1. Anonymous8:35 am

    The texture and colors are dynamic and appealing, and I like how the houses 'loom' over the farm.

    If there is a flaw, it is in composition: the picture plane is divided into three equal horizontal sections... generally speaking, a no-no because the eye is drawn out of the picture plane by all those uninterupted parallel lines.

    Next time introduce an element that crosses those stong lines, and increase the size of either the size or the foreground to make the planes assymetrical.

    Just my two cents. I enjoy your blog posts, so thanks for posting again.

  2. Thank you Anon! I really appreciate your comments

  3. Monet has nothing on you. Great painting!

  4. Carl, you are too kind LOL. I aspire to be close to him someday!

  5. Fawzan,

    These are looking lovely!I just wanted to let you know that the Darfur fundraiser has started and will run through October 10th.

    Please come and have a look!

    All the best,



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