Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nocturne - Waiting for Day Break

I couldn't sleep too well last night and ended giving up at about 5:30am. So I went down to my studio and finished this one. I have been studying Whistler's nocturne paintings, (some of the best I have ever seen) and I decided to do these two to see what I had learned. I am rather satisfied with this small 5"x7" (waiting for Day Break). The little one 3.5"x2.5" (Night Fishing) was a warm-up. It has a bit too much colour and no subtlety. Sort of how one feels when one stumbles out of bed too early in the morning!

Nocturne - Waiting for Day Break, Acrylic on Canvas Panel, 5"x7".

Nocturne - Night Fishing, Acrylic on Canvas, 3.5"x2.5".


  1. I LOVE these night scenes. You are continually stretching yourself!

  2. love these- I agree with Bobbie, it is good to see you moving into different areas. Though I am missing your water colours as well, I am enjoying these rich works.

  3. I agree with Bobbie and Frances, I do like your night scenes and am also missing the watercolors. But you can't do 'em both at the same kind, can you!


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