Sunday, December 21, 2008

On The Hill (25x25x$25)

On The Hill
Acrylic on Linen Canvas 3.5"x2.5"
All small works are on unstretched Canvas, but come with a margin of 1" of Canvas all around for easy mounting and/or stretching.
$25.00 Shipping included.

Snowmageddon II The sequal is on now and we will go through another one on Tuesday. It's getting old fast. I didn't dig out at all today. To heck with it. I figure I might as well let it finish first. All this, and we may not even have a white Christmas. Seems we will go up to +5 Degrees Celcious on the 24th which should melt the majority of this stuff away! Winter without snow... What a concept. Here is what it could look like!

You will be able to view all 25 works on Maraya Galleries. If you would like one, please click on the Buy Now Button, or contact Maraya Galleries.Here is the painting in a frame (not included of course :) )

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