Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kelwona, Mission Hill Sketches

Kelowna, West Bank from the Mission Hill Winery
Pencil and water on Paper 4"x6"
I spent a couple of days on business in Kelowna, BC. The area is as beautiful as BC gets! While I didn't have any time to do any painting, I managed to sketch a few pen and pencil works worth sharing.

Kelowna, Mission Hill Winery Ink and water on Paper 4"x6"

Incidentally, if you follow my sketches, you know I like to wet my ink and usually use water-soluble graphite pencils as well. I didn't have my water-soluble graphites with me. All I had was a golf pencil (the tiny ones used to track scores on the golf course). Guess what? I just discovered that these are the cheapest water-soluble pencils around!!! So much for the expensive Derwents!! I know where to get my next stash!!

Kelowna, Looking North Ink and water on Paper 4"x6"

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A few sketches

Watercolour on Paper.

Today I couldn't really get into painting at all. First we were busy getting things done, and then I just was too tried to start something grand. So I did these 5 thumb-nail sketches. These are more like doodles in colour. Nothing too exciting just wanted to share what I did that's all :)

Watercolour on Paper

Garden Corner - Pen sketch

Spent a few days in Winnipeg last week. Depressing place. We lived there over 4 years ago and I haven't visited since. Nothing had changed. If a city could be going through a clinical depression, this would be the best example of it. Sad and with no hope to rise above mediocracy.

Garden Corner, Ink on Paper.

Speaking of mediocracy, here is a sketch I did no the plane. Nothing much, just a picture to go with a post :)