Sunday, February 01, 2009

Blue Dawn

Blue Dawn, Acrylic on Primed Masonite board, 8"x10"

The darkest days of winter are behind us. The sun is slowly starting to wake up earlier in the day. Up here in Canada, and especially in the deep dark days of winter, we have a special relationship with the sun. As artists, the low angel and flat arch that it travels in the winter gives us a light that is lovely to paint.

This work is not a plein air or one taken from a reference photo. Before it became this small painting, it only exists as a compilation in my mind of many mornings. I have been brooding on these colours for a while, and I am very happy to finally put them down and see how they work together.

The colours may not translate very well on the screen. It really all depends on the calibration of your monitor, but the colours are subtle shifts from blue to gray to violet against a backdrop of a muted yellow sky. I hope you enjoy it too.


  1. Zan,
    I love the texture in this and the light dappling through the trees. Glad it is thawing out a bit for you up over there.

  2. Thanks Maggie. I wouldn't exactly call it a thawing out LOL. No we are in for at leasta couple of months of snow, but as long as there is light I can handle it. It is this driving into work in the dark and driving back home in the dark that I can't handle. Glad you liked Blue Dawn.


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