Sunday, February 08, 2009

On the road again

After a few weeks with wings tucked and staying close to home, I am traveling again on business. When I travel on business, I rarely have time to enjoy the cities I visit. If anything, I might have an evening off, but that is mostly spent catching up on emails (work) and just relaxing. In the summer, the long daylight may tempt me to go out of my hotel room and some plein air sketching, but with the short daylight of winter, I am not able to do much.

I still take along my sketch kit. It holds my watercolour box along with my Altoids box which now holds my gouache paints. It also holds two sketch books, coloured canson paper, brushes and an assortment of pencils and pens. Most of the sketching that I do nowadays is in the comfort of the hotel room and mostly from memory.

It is hard to use colour in the hotel rooms. The lights are dim and the bulbs tend to shift the colours drastically to green. I mostly use pen and water which I don't have to worry about. Here are a couple from this week. I used a simple BIC Intensity Pen. I like it because it spreads the ink unevenly (bad for writing, but great for sketching).

It also holds re-wettable ink (writing ink) which I love to use because I can then use a brush to pull washes from the lines on the paper. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these two.


  1. Hi, I like that you carry a little painting kit like me, I love thinking of new ways to carry my "cut down art kit". I was wondering if you've tried a waterbrush yet? I love using it with the writing pen like you described, but you don't need to have an open container of water with you, just the waterbrush. Great for watersoluble graphite or watercolor pencils too, have you tried them?
    thanks for the interesting posts!
    (please stop by my nature sketching blog if you have time.)

  2. Hi Mary,
    I have tried the water brushes, but they are rather small and I can't fully control the water in them (I can't use dry brush technique for instance). My water container is an old 35mm film canester with a magnet attached to the bottom. It holds on to the metal on my paletter or Altiod box very nicely.

    I will check your blog and post there asap :) thanks.


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