Monday, February 16, 2009

Quick Plein Air: Farm House On 9th & Derry

After spending the day out with the family, we came back home at about 4pm. The day was warmer than the weekends we have been having lately and I knew I had about an hour to paint if I hurried up. I couldn't go far, so I went out to a favorite spot very closed to home on 9th and Derry Rd. It is a small farmhouse that has seen better days and must be waiting to turn into the most recent development with these Cookie cutter house (more like match boxes) that they are building nowadays. Hopefully with the slowdown in the market, this farm house will be speared for a while and I can paint it again!
Farm House on 9th & Derry, 5"x7" Acrylic on Canvas Board

This is a small one 5"x7", but that is as much as I could do in an hour outdoors. The colours are much nicer in the real one. I tried very hard to match them, but it is a very tough thing to do with subtle colours!!


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