Sunday, May 03, 2009


For years I have worked in Watercolour. I used to belong to a large movement in art that worships a specific medium; Partisan of Watercolour or Acrylics or Pastels or Oils. I have been on a journey of exploration since last June, and so far it has been a painfully enriching experience. In the process, I have lost my feeling of mastery of watercolours, reached a point where I see my incompetence in Acrylics, same with pastels (oil) and I haven't even begun to destroy my self confidence by using oil paints... But I will. I may actually pull back from all paint all together and pick up the lowly charcoal and pencil again. Back to the start. Back to art.

I want to believe that what I am going through is a natural phase in the growth of an artist. (If you have gone through this I would love to hear from you). A phase where you feel that you have had enough dabbling with art, following the noise, and now you are about to dig deep, turn inside and go through the painful process of metamorphoses. The cocooning phase (not a restful one by any means) may take some time. It will be painful. It will test self confidence and belief, but, in the words of Arthur C Clark, 2001 a Space Odyssey: "Something is going to happen. Something wonderful is going to happen"... I hope.

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  1. came to this post late. I am looking forward to seeing what you metamorphose into.


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