Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Credit from the Village Bridge Done

I am really enjoying working with Oils. None of the urgency that watercolours and acrylics force on you because they dry so fast. This is really a contemplative medium with perhaps more nuance and contemplation than spontaneity and speed. Mind you, I like both ends of the spectrum and will continue to enjoy my watercolours, but something about oils is deliciously captivating.

Anyway, here is the finished painting from Wednesday. I spent the afternoon working on it through a headache but I am very pleased with how it turned out. I hope you agree.

The Credit from the Village Bridge, Oil on primed masonite board, 8"x10"


  1. great image! I struggle to lossen up like that. Well Done.

  2. Have faith in your skills Carl. The first time I stood up and did a crazy gesture on a painting, I had given up on the work as trash and was just haing fun. Guess what? I still consider that one, one of my best paintings!

    The best way to loosen up is to up-size your brushes and down-size your support. By up-sizing the brushes, you avoid tight details. By down-sizing your support, you don't attach a high cost to playing around and you can have fun!

    Thanks for your comment Carl. Enjoy!

  3. I love a painting that makes me wonder what is around the corner. What is around that corner? :-)

  4. I didn't check LOL. I was on a bridge. I wish I had a canoe.

    Thsnk you for your comment. It really is a great complement if you feel you want to explore beyond the bend. Thank you!

  5. nice free work. Love that flow.


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