Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lowville Park

Ask anyone in Ontario and they will tell you we are not having a great summer.

The old adage:
Q= What comes after two days of rain?
A= Monday
is working perfectly here.

So when the weather man said this was going to be another rainy Saturday, I was not going to roll over and play dead any more. Today was the Ontario Plein Air Society had a paint out at Lowville park and I was not going to miss it. We ended up being only three brave souls today, but the skies obliged. After a brief shower, the clouds broke open and the sun came shining through. The day was excellent. Not too hot - not too cold. I spent the whole day at the park and did this one:

This park is so attractive it sucks you in to paint it. I have painted here before and will undoubtedly come back. The creek snakes through the park and every corner is another painting waiting to be put on canvas. I took my time, with many breaks and enjoyed the glorious day. I started at about 10:30am and did get back home until 4:00pm. Despite a few interruptions (including the nice gentleman who agreed to take some shots of me painting), I was able to focus on painting en plein air.

Lowville Park, Oil on canvas board, 9"x12"

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  1. wonderful. I love the painting


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