Sunday, July 12, 2009

Plein Air Oil Setup and Gear

See video on how to build this pochade here:

I have been asked to share my plein air setup and gear several times now, so I thought I would post a few pictures of my setup with some explanation. What you see below is my pochade setup. The whole kit fits perfectly into my backpack and is light enough to walk with for those out of the way spots.

I built this pochade to fit my Mijello Artelier Peel-off Palette. I like this palette so much, I have one for acrylics and one for oils. My acrylics stay wet for weeks in this palette and of course the oils are fresh for weeks as well. I am not sure about the peel off idea. It doesn't work for me, but that is a minor issue. I can always scrape my dry paint off.

The palette fits perfectly inside the pochade when open and sits snugly in the back when closed. This saves me space in the backpack.

The gear that I carry for painting is listed in the first image above. One thing that is not listed and that I find I really need is a bubble leveler. I really like to have my painting level so I can avoid a tipped horizon line. Aside from a folding chair and an umbrella, there is nothing else I need to paint.

When it comes to carrying my wet panels (paintings), the carrier below (I built it today) is a must have if you are painting in oils. It took me less than an hour to build this carrier using a miter saw, wood stapler and a screw driver. It holds up to seven panels for those long trips that I hope to go on soon.


  1. I like this new look on here. Haven't visited recently. I get lazy about reading blogs - just clicked through on facebook.
    Setup looks good and I like the way you combine commercial stuff with home-made practical things to fit what you want.

  2. Always wonderful information. I love the panel holder!

  3. Thanks Frances and Elizabeth. I am glad you like the posts :)


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