Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2009 Goals update

It is amazing what happens when you set goals. I have not looked at this post since January, but the fact that I posted my goals back then for the year was enough to get me started on the. So here is a check with three months to go in the year:

Art Goals for 2009:

I will join a local art society
There are two in Mississauga that I would like to be part of: Visual Arts Mississauga and Mississauga Art Council.

NOT YET. I am not sure which one to join really.

I will focus on working en plein air and join or create a local Plein air group
I am waiting for Plein Air Canada to get their act together and open activities, but I am not sure what they have in mind. From their site I believe they are a group artists who do plein air work, but they seem to be focused on their own workshops. If they don't plan to create not-for-profit plein air activities, I may have to start my own group. At any event, I would much prefer a small local group to a national group. I will wait until the spring and make a decision.

DONE. Spent most of the summer out there despite the rain. Created OPAS and it is building nicely

I will participate in at least two art competitions
I am not sure which ones I will submit works to, but I will participate in two without fail.
DONE. I even won an award!

I will paint bigger
While small paintings are easier from a time commitment perspective for me, they are not helping me grow. I will still do small works, but I will aim to not buy anymore canvases or pads that are smaller than 8x10 - except for sketchpads of course. When my supply of small canvases and pads (4x5; ACEOs; 4x6 and 5x7) are finished, I will refrain from buying any more in those sizes.
DONE. Nothing less than an 8x10 this year really.

I will give at least one plein air workshop this year
This will not be related to the plein air group. The group - if I have to create it - will be strictly for active plein air artists and will be support and activity driven.

NOT YET. Just lack of time really.

I will mentor Children in art, starting with my kids
My kids are natural artists... or so I think. Ha! I will work with them to expand their creative reach and help them explore painting. I will also do that with other kids through my wife's art project if I am called on.
DONE. My kids, but I need to do more.

I will help my wife kick start her art project
Sometimes it is hard for me to not jump in and take control especially when it is something that concerns someone I love, but my goal this year is to be supportive and helpful, not driving and influencing.
~ Well I am trying!
Not too bad so far. Hope to do more ;)

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  1. Fawzan, I admire your drive and focus in persuing your goals. You will succeed!


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