Saturday, October 03, 2009

Farmland Fall, Halton, ON

Farmland Fall, 8x10, Oil on canvas board

I went out early today. Everyone was fast asleep, and I needed to get some fresh air and put my mind into auto pilot. I get my best thinking done when I am out painting alone and today was no exception. I picked up an Extra large double C at Tim Horton's and headed North. This scene was perfectly placed close to a large shoulder on the road, so I stopped and waited for sunrise. I watched the sky change and the land go from gray to colours. I then spent around two hours working on this one.
I have to start limiting the time I spend on works en plein air. For starters, winter is on its way and I won't be spending a day out there leisurely painting away. Winter is a plein air guerrilla operation. In and out. I did that well last winter, but this summer has been one of long days spent in nature. I have to readjust fast, or suffer as the snow starts blowing.


  1. I love these colors...they say "fall". I'm sure as the days get colder and colder your paintings will go quicker and quicker...he he

  2. i like the bold brush strokes


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