Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Live feed From My Studio

In my on-again off-again experimentation with technology and the arts, I have started a live video feed from my studio. The plan is to turn it on every time I am in the studio so you can join in if you wish to. We can even chat while I am there... well sort of. That might not be practical if I am concentrating ;). I tested it yesterday and it works well. The first thing I need to do though is clean up the studio. It is a mess.

How does it work? Actually it is very simple. If you look at my blog, you will find the USTREAM window in the top right hand corner. When the feed is live, you will be able to click on it and join me. I will try to save some worth while sessions that you can review when the feed is off air.


  1. You are turning out to be a techie wizard. What a cool idea. I'll be back to check on you.

  2. Thanks Bobbie. I broadcast twice already and recorded them so you can see them. It is a slow process. OK to watch live, but slow if you are watching recorded episodes. I will make a sped-up video of the full painting when I am finished.

    I will try to be on this weekend.


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