Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Morning On The Cabot Heights

I wish I could say I know the Canadian Maritimes as I would like to as an artist. Someday, I would like a grant to spend a summer painting the area. I think it would be a dream. But then where would I spend the most time? Newfoundland? PEI? Cape Breton Island? I have had the good luck to visit Cape Breton Island about a year ago. I spent a day on the Cabot Trail going around the island. It is a magnificent place with views around every bend and changes from moment to moment. One minute you are at sea level gazing at a salt marsh that you could paint for days and with every subtle change of the light and the next minute you are on top of a towering cliff overlooking the Atlantic ocean miles below. But a day is not enough for a place like that. Still I have kept a few images in my mind and my note book from the day trip. Here is one that I just translated into colour.

Morning On The Cabot Heights, Oil on canvas board, 4"x5"

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  1. Time flies by and before you know it your life has gone by with work and commitments. Somehow you must make a little piece of this dream come true.


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