Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Savage Winter, last plein air painting in 2009

This is my last plein air painting for 2009. I did this one at Scottsdale Farm in a four hour session, and added finishing touched in the studio after thawing out.

My style has been changing for a few months now, and this painting marks a pivotal stage in that change. It is a slower way of painting with several layers and a lot of texture. The process is not deliberate or studied it is very spontanious, but require more work and focus. The texture and the feeling that I get when I look and work on my painting in this style is invigorating. It represents my own voice and my style.

Savage Winter, Oil on artist canvas board 8"x10"

I tried very hard to match the colours in the photograph and the video, but there are so many subtle colours here and they are being averaged by the cameras.


  1. I love the name "Savage Winter". It suits your climate and how I picture you doing your winter plein aires.

  2. What ever became of my dear friend Neda Doany? I've searched all over online.

  3. Beautiful! I like where you are headed, great texture and feeling in this painting.

    Happy New Years!

  4. Thanks Bobbie. The cold can certainly be very savage up here. Glad you like the name ;)

    Joy, Neda stopped blogging a while back.

    Elizabeth, thanks ofr the comment. I wish you could see it in person it is really nice (If I say so myself LOL). I am finishing my first one of the year this week I hope.


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