Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shadow Of A Willow

Most of my painting efforts lately have been in oil en plein air. I have only used my studio for final touches and clean-ups. Yesterday was the exception. While everyone at home was busy with their own goings-on, I decided to escape to the studio. At first I spent some time tidying up my mess (I am very messy and the space is small!) but then I opened my watercolour drawer and the colours called me to take them out for a spin... so I obliged.

Shade of A Willow, Watercolour on 140lb cp paper, 6"x8"

I picked up a reference photograph of the credit river that I had taken last July, and riffed off this little piece. I say riffed because it bares only a slight resemblance to the reference. Jazz painting :) I never do well when I slavishly copy either nature or references, but to take the basic scale and then let the imagination and colours flow is a delight.


  1. I can't believe the difference from plein aire. I can see why you bundle up and brave the arctic elements.

  2. I love your art work and I just added a Artist Link on my website and would love to add a link to your blog if that's ok with you just let me know

  3. wonderful colors. Riff away!

  4. Thank you all. Please try to be there next Friday :)


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