Saturday, March 13, 2010

Coping With Value

Managing value in the bright outdoors is a difficult thing to master. I have seen accomplished artists fall pray to a bright day and lose control of value in their work. Of course you can always adjust things when you come back to the studio, but what about a devise to help us cope with value in the bright and colourful outdoors? Here is an easy and simple solution that I came up with:


  1. Hi Zan,
    this reminds me of something quilters have been using for years, a peice of red plastic to view the fabric patches without the color, just so they can see the value.
    Interesting idea you had!

  2. I have heard of looking through a colored transparent sheet to eliminate the color and discern values more easily, but painting your old eyeglasses is a genius idea!

  3. Mary, Laurel,
    Thank you both for your comments. What really makes it even better for me is that my glasses are for reading so when I look out on the scene it is blurred and all the details fade. That really helps with seeing the core of the scene without the details.


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