Saturday, May 29, 2010

Playing with colours

Now that spring is here, you would think I am out painting every chance I get. Actually gardening comes first in spring, so do other chores around the house that must be taken care of before I can head out with a clear mind.

But I have been doing something very important for my art. I have been playing with colour. Yes, I have been mixing up a storm and enjoying the heck out of it. I have been doing the equivalence of piano scales with colour. testing, pushing, playing and exploring.

While this is a fun exercise, it is in reality a very serious and important element of growth as an artist. Just like practice is important to the pianist and the ballerina - you can't just get up on stage and play or dance and you can't always play Chopin or dance full ballet as practice. You have to go back to the fundamentals and do your scales or stretch your muscles. Playing with colours does exactly that. It stretches your colouring muscles without the limits of having to paint a motif. If it has been some time since you got close and personal with your colours in this way, I would strongly urge you to have a go at it. You have no idea where it will take you.

As I play, I have become even more aware that there is so much to revisit. So I have also been looking around for a good course on colour. I really don't want to go painting with a teacher. Although that could be fun and I have a few painters in mind whom I would love to learn from, what I really want right now is a method or course that would walk me back to the future. Back to fundamentals so I can spring forward. Does anyone know of a good course on the market that does that? Either books or DVDs will do. I plan to devote an hour a day to this pursuit.


  1. I was impressed with the book..Blue and Yellow don't make green. by Michael Wilcox a real eye-opener! I love to make color studies especially with new colors..have fun!

  2. You make the most beautiful color music sounds in your paintings.

  3. Hmmm... anyone heard of Richard Robinson? He has an interesting course that I might look at. I'd love some feedback.

  4. Kay I know Wilcox book very well. Its a great look at Watercolours and it helped me a lot when I was at this same stage in watercolours.

    I have been looking at Richard Robinson`s course and I think I might want to get into it, but I would love some feedback from anyone who has used it before.

  5. Hi, Just found your blog and notice that a question is asked about the Color course of Richard Robinson. Maybe I can be of help. I know Richard personally and have also bought his course. It is one of the most excellent set of lessons on color and color mixing I have come across in all my years of painting. Anyone who buys it will definitely be the richer for in in respect to his/her paintings. I recommend his course.

    Just in case you may wonder who I am please take a look at my website for my credentials:

  6. Dennis this helps a lot. I have looked through his website and there is so much of value there that is free that I am now sure that the DVDs are worth working through. Thanks. I will go ahead and then report to everyone here.

  7. Muy bueno el Sitio, saludos ^^


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