Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Remembering Brummana

A long long... Loooong time ago, I went to a boarding school in a wonderful mountain town named Brummana. The view of the mountain slopes and the city below is, I am sure stamped forever in the minds of everyone who spent time there. I can still remember the late afternoons as the fog crept slowly up the mountain until we were all engulfed in it. And who can forget the sunsets? Everyday was a symphony in colours. The cloud formations were breathtaking and the carpet of pine woods that stretch below were heaven.

Mediterranean Pines are not the same as the pines you see most of the time in North America. They are umbrella shaped with a mass of foliage on top and dancing trunks that meander their way as they stretch to the sun. Poetry in their own right.

I could paint hundreds of these paintings from memory. I see them in my mind as sure as I can see this screen and the words that I am typing. This one I did from my memory. I know the spot even. For those who have been there, this would be from the stairs next to the lower tennis fields (primary school) looking towards the city below.

Brummana Look Out, 4"x6" Oil on canvas board. $45.00

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