Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A Brush With The Highlands - Day 2

Saturday July 31, 2010

When you sleep in the woods, you wake up with the dawn... or in this case when Daryl's rooster decides to call 33 times in a row!!!!!!!!  But hey! Time is wasting away! I opened my eyes to see an image straight out of a Tom Thomson painting. Orange mist through tangled trees and branches set contre-jour against the orange sky. I quickly got dressed (in my sleeping bag) and headed out to Ron's camp site where he was making his usual eggs and bacon. Coffee from David later (yes I am a moocher) and I was on my way. I checked out the Painting site at Barns Farm, but decided to leave that for the afternoon. The light was just not right for me then. Besides, the creek just off Saunders road was calling to me again to paint it in Oil this time. I set up on a small slope just next to the creek and did a small 8x10 while fighting the mosquitoes.

(painting still wet I will post later)

Then I headed to dam on the Essonville Creek and did a very unsuccessful 11x14 in mid-day. The scene was a good one with a large tree all lit up by the sun set against a dark recessed forest, but I just mixed the wrong colours and got my self in a corner that I could not get out off wet-on-wet.

Not wanting to end the day's efforts on a bad note, I took a cat-nap in the car and headed back to Barns farm to paint the vista from there. On reviewing my day, I should have stayed at the farm and done a few from there. There was so much to see and do there it was a shame to leave.

 (painting still wet I will post later)

 By now I was covered with paint and sweat and bugs and dirt. I felt tried and spent and it was time to head back to camp. I took a shower courtesy of Tracey and Daryl's generous hospitality and felt like a million bucks! It was just in time for the BBQ and games. A steak and a couple of beers later, I was ready for the pillow. I left the others playing the guitar and singing and headed in the dark towards my sleeping bag. A day full of emotions spent and painted. I can't remember how I slept, but all I know is it was morning again the next day.

Sorry for not posting any of the paintings today, I promise you will see them all, but they are still wet and I would like to touch up a couple before I show them to the world. I promise to have them all posted by the weekend :)


  1. The pictures look great look forward to seeing teh artwork.

  2. Zan, this sounds so fun while at the same time I feel the discomfort. Enjoy your time in the wild :)


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