Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Canadian Brush Strokes

I am not a big fan of art magazines. Frankly I feel ripped off every time I buy one with promising headlines. More times than not, the headlines fall short of what the articles deliver. So and So reveals his method. Yaaa NOT! What he/she reveals is that you can get his method if you buy his book or attend his workshop. And so the whole magazine, including its articles becomes a catalogue and not a magazine really.

Such is the case in every magazine I have purchased except for the free Canadian Brush Stroke magazine which is delivered to your email as a PDF file every other month. The Magazine is published by Jensu Design and publisher Susan Blackman out of Leduc Alberta. It features Canadian artists, seasonal contests and showcases art across Canada. The quality of the magazine is superior with meaningful articles and exposes about artists. It caters to a Canadian audience while maintaining a high standard for graphic and editorial control.

The fact that it comes to my email every other month, is a huge plus for me. I can - and do - print it because I like to read it at lunch at work or when otherwise occupied ehmm. But more importantly it is an ingenious idea and a forward looking method of magazine distribution. It by-passes the printing press and the costs associated with that and shipping and allows the publishers to maintain a standard because they don't have to skimp on paper, size or quality of colour. All that, and it is free!

No they did not pay me for this LOL. I don't even know them although they did publish one of my paintings last year in a showcase of plein air art across Canada. The reason I am writing this is to encourage Canadian art and art related businesses such as Canadian Brush Stroke Magazine. You can get your free subscription by filling out the form here. The next issue will be in your email box in September :)

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  1. Thanks for the "heads up" on this Canadian magazine... I had heard of it and then it slipped out of my mind, like many things seem to do lately :(

    I am a watercolorist from Sidney, BC and I hope you drop by and say hello.

    I bring in International artists to give workshops here twice a year and they have been very successful.

    Nice to see a Canadian on the blogs.



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