Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rouge Park Fall Plein Air

Yesterday I met with a group of other OPAS painters at Rouge Park to capture the fall colours en plein air. It was a glorious day. A bit nippy in the morning, but not uncomfortable at all. The park was a busy place with several groups taking advantage of the warmth and having events, as well as walking tours that passed by us almost every hour. Note to self - next time at Rouge park, stay off the main path where hundreds of people pass :). 
Six of us set up close together at a opening that had a beautiful view of the Rouge river while others scattered around the park. I was not entirely happy with my location, but I enjoyed the company, something that I usually avoid when I am painting.

My main focus was a few lovely trees in the foreground along the river, but I wanted to keep in mind the depth of field (aerial perspective issues) that is so hard to focus on with fall colours. You see, warm colours usually spring forward in a painting while cold colours recede. In fall, with warm colours everywhere you look, the temptation is to fill the painting with warmth, but then you loose the depth. I exaggerated the depth by dulling the background warm colours and heightened the chroma on the closer warms. I hope that worked to give depth for you the viewer.

All in all a successful day I thought, and just great to be out there in the fresh warm sunny open air one more time before the snow starts falling!

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