Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Web Show and Sales (12 Days of Christmas - 12 Plein airs!)

Not many weeks left for the holiday shopping, so here we go: Following on my last very successful web show and sale earlier this year, I have opened three gallery walls here on the blog with 12 plein air works to go with the 12 days of Christmas theme. These are mostly very recent works. Some I have never posted to the blog before. And you may not have seen if you follow my posts. Please visit the gallery pages and take a look. I would love to get your comments there. (Links are above just below the banner).

The paintings are all framed in really nice Palladio Black/Brown archival plein air frames. I love these frames. they are simple and really give the art a good weight. If you like one of these, please click on the "own it" button and you will be taken to Paypal for quick payment. I will have them in the mail fast so you can enjoy them, or share them as a gift for Christmas. If you don't have a Paypal account and do not wish to pay by credit card through Paypal (you don't need to open an account with them), you can just email me and we will figure out a way for you to own the paintings you like in time for the holidays.

I have created a 2011 Calendar that includes all the paintings in this show. You can buy one here if the paintings are out of your budget.

I also made some Christmas cards and a stocking stuffer calendar with a painting I did of St. Michel de Sillery close to Quebec city. You can find all these here.
UPDATE: Get 25% off your calendar purchase by using Coupon code: FLURRY
I hope you enjoy all of these and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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