Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gary Morning–Brooklyn Bridge

PS: Again I did what I had promised myself I wouldn't do. I posted a painting before I was fully satisfied with it. I have since been reworking this painting and the colours have changed significantly. I am not sure how to use this blog anymore. I really don't want to show art that is not ready anymore but I also want to keep this blog alive. I am lost for ideas!!

It has been some time since I last posted here. Sorry about that. I have been painting and enjoying the family and something had to give way. This blog was it.
Over the past few days – on holiday – I have been cooped up in my studio working on this 16”x20”. I can’t make the photo stop averaging out the colours and allow for the subtle variations. Somehow only bold colours make for good viewing on the screen. This one is all about subtle moody colours and light. With almost no hard lines and a lot of atmosphere. A moody painting for sure.

Gary Morning–Brooklyn Bridge, Oil on Canvas 16”x20” 


  1. This is very quiet and lovely

  2. Très joli travail... je vous présente tous mes voeux de bonheur, de joie et de créativité.

  3. Very nice atmosphere. I like how that combines with the simple lines and solid forms!

  4. Perhaps you need to determine the real purpose of your blog. Is it to show finished, perfect work or to share the real life frustrations of being an artist? Or a combination of these?
    For me, seeing the process (even the frustration) behind the art is the most interesting and the most real; I appreciate that you are able to share that. And I think it encourages other artists who have the same reworks and frustrations.


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