Sunday, May 15, 2011

Postcard Size Works for Fair

I promised my wife that I would share a table with her at a local art fair. She is publicizing her fledging “Art Just For Me” Business. A great concept of teaching kids art in a playful atmosphere all in French! I helped with one of her workshops recently and it was a blast! The kids loved the art, struggled with the vocabulary, but ended up winners on both ends!


Most of my recent works are in a show in Brampton, so I am scrambling to get a few pieces together for the table.

My plan is to set my pochade close by and do a few demos for passers by. In that vain, and because in these venues you shouldn’t expect major sales, I decided to create a bunch of poster size works (3x4, 4x6, 5x7) for sale at less than $50 a piece. Here are three done today.

Stand  Willow  Windy and warm

Stand 4”x6”                               Willow 3”x4”                             Windy & Warm 4”x6”



  1. These postcard size works are beautiful. I hope you continue to do small works in between your major ones, they'll help people on fixed incomes be able to collect your art. All three of them are spectacular.

  2. Your blog looks really interesting but my firewall says you have a virus on it and I can't see any of your paintings (what i see is little white squares)! I hope you can resolve this soon because I do like what you have to say.

  3. Hi Mimi,

    I checked the site and there are no issues at all. I am working behind a firewall as well and all the images are fine.

    I specifically built the site with no gimmics so it will show on all platforms so I am concerned. Can you try again?

  4. Thanks Robert! These are really fun to do as well :)


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