Friday, May 27, 2011

The Time Of Bees

Life is coming back to nature up here in Canada. It is wet and oh so green! When I am out painting very early, there is nothing that I enjoy more in the silent stillness of the morning than the whispering buzz of bumble-bees. I miss them in the winter.
If you spend time in nature you soon tire of the birds. At first their songs are refreshing and uplifting to the spirit, but soon they become repetitive and annoying. Not the bees. they whisper a quiet conversation humming along as they do their morning chores.
The time of bees for me is early morning when the due is still on the grass. Birds are still groggy but the bees are fast at work. The global gardeners.
The Time of Bees sml
The Time Of Bees, 11”x14” Oil on canvas panel, $400


  1. A lovely paintings with such a nice warm glow. I like your title too!

  2. Thanks Randall. I just checked your blog. I love the abstract photo-work! Very creative!!


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