Monday, June 06, 2011

Beaver Dam, Watercolour on paper

The weekend turned better than expected especially after the deluge of Saturday. It really looked like it was going to be a washed out weekend. But Sunday was a blast and Monday (I had the day off) was summer at its best
Too bad that I had chores to do and wanted to stay close to the family. I could have gone for a quick plein air either day, but its ok. Summer is just beginning up here.
This afternoon while everyone was busy doing their thing I decided to do a small watercolour just for the fun of it. Since I started working in oils a couple of years ago, my watercolours have been mostly collecting dust except for the odd small work. I hope to do more of them this summer. They are really fun for me.
beaver dam500
Beaver Dam, Watercolour on Montreal hand made paper, 7”x9”. $85.00

I did this one from a reference photo I took a couple of years ago in the Haliburton Highlands. Beaver Dams are all over the place up here. That is why we have the beaver on our nickle! They are ubiquitous. To some they are pests, to others they are the ultimate engineers!


  1. Très jolie aquarelle... Je n'ai jamais eu la chance de pouvoir admirer des castors... Cela doit être captivant!
    Je souhaite que ces prochaines journées soient ensoleillées et vous permettent de peindre à votre guise.

  2. Merci Martine. Vous êtes toujours aimable.


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