Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Art Camping II

Both Mina (my cat) and I are still adjusting to camping. It all went well most of the night.
This morning we headed out to Loon Lake. I painted the lake on my way home last year in pouring rain. Today the sky was threatening but we managed to do this one before the rain came.
In the afternoon I went to Barns farm and did a sacrificial one. It will go in the camp fire this weekend.
When I got back I decided to move my camping site and get closer to Daryl and Tracey's house. Reason? The outhouse is closer and its an open but shady spot so the mosquitoes will be less than they were in the wooded spot I was in before.
More tomorrow.
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  1. Le traducteur google aujourd'hui fait des siennes!!! Il se peut qu'il est rencontré la pluie ou vos moustiques!!!
    Mon anglais approximatif me fait comprendre que vous auriez décidé de passer la nuit hors de votre camp?!!!
    j'aime la photo que vous avez publiée à l'envers!... puis à l'endroit! Joli travail.
    gros bisous et ne vous faites pas trop piquer!

  2. Hi Martine,

    I am still camping but in a differet spot. :)


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