Friday, July 29, 2011

Art Camping V

I headed out at dawn to glamour lake today there was a heavy fog over the lake and then the rain came. After a few days of green it was such a joy to get moody and airy atmosphere.

I set up right on the lake and got to work like a mad-man. I was painting three at the same time. Even Mina got into the act. She stood on one of them and edited it nicely for me! When I finished fixing it, it was even better than before. I guess that one must be noted as a joint effort!

The rain stopped around mid-day and the day turnerd beautiful. I did one more of the lake, then I jumped in for a swim.

I came back to camp for a small rest then I headed out for a hike and painted another one from a bridge near by.

5 in all today! That is my record.

Enjoy your art
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